Speed Up Your Computer

Try one of our top PC performance tools to repair common problems like slowdowns, crashes and freezes, so your computer will operate more smoothly, reliably and quickly.

Computer Protection

With over 30,000 new threats attacking computers on a daily basis, comprehensive protection is a must have. One anti-virus solution is no longer enough to stave off attacks. Try our advanced security applications that work with your anti-virus software for extra spyware protection.

  • SUPERAntiSpyware

    Removes malicious spyware, malware and many other types of threats that your anti-virus program may not detect.

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  • SafeCentral

    A secure multi-device browser that helps keep your online banking and shopping transactions safe and secure.

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  • Aol Tech Fortress

    Intercepts harmful software that traditional antivirus software can't stop before it can impact your computer.

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Identity Protection

Did you know hackers can watch you bank, shop and surf online? Our identity protection products proactively monitor and alert you of potential dangers on the web to help keep your personal information out of the wrong hands.

  • Identity Guard

    Identity theft protection that monitors your identity and alerts you to potential dangers. Also, includes a password security manager.

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  • Private Wifi

    Encrypts everything you send and receive while using a public WiFi hotspot so you browse securely from anywhere.

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  • My Privacy

    Monitors the internet for your information and automatically requests its removal from websites that sell it.

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