DataMask by AOL

Disguise your data so hackers can't even read it

  • Ward off attackers with patented keystroke protection
  • Protect passwords, credit cards and private info
  • Get proactive, custom protection against phishing
  • Safeguard data against malware that takes screen pictures
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DataMask by AOL

Compatible with Windows

Detects and alerts
you to phishing sites.

When DataMask identifies
a phishing site trying to
fool you into entering
your private data, it
proactively warns you
of the scam.

DataMask by AOL

Protects your data
from keylogger theft.

Using patented keystroke
protection technology, DataMask
replaces and scrambles your
keystroke data so
it's useless to

DataMask by AOL

Blocks malware from
capturing your info.

In addition to disguising your passwords and credit card info as you enter them online, DataMask prevents malware from taking pictures of your data and stealing it.

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