Securely Store All Your Online Passwords

Access all your online accounts from an easy-to-use dashboard. ID Vault provides multiple layers of security and encrypts all your usernames, passwords and payment details, to help protect you from identity theft and keep your information safe.

Help keep your digital identity protected

ID Vault encrypts your passwords, usernames and credit card information on your PC, creating a secure, end-to-end connection between you and your bank, brokerage or shopping website.

  • Protects Any Secure Activity

    Use it to access banks, credit unions, brokerages, credit cards, online shopping accounts — anything that requires a username and password.
  • IP Whitelist

    A white list of over 8,000 financial and shopping sites that is continuously validated.
  • Encrypts Login Credentials

    Unlock your online accounts with a customized pin, so you don’t have to remember multiple passwords and usernames.
  • Secure Private Browser

    The ID Vault SecureView™ browser opens a secure connection to financial websites to protect users from a variety of attacks.