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MyPrivacy makes it easy to protect your personal details.

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*To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee, simply cancel before the free-trial period ends.

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MyPrivacy monitors the internet for your information and automatically requests its removal from websites that sell it. MyPrivacy tracks and wipes your personal information off the web.

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*To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee, simply cancel before the free-trial period ends.

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  • I believed I was doing a good job to protect my online privacy... But when I signed up with, I was stunned. Since I work in law enforcement, the fee for the service was waived for me. But you can't put a price tag on the peace of mind knowing that is working hard to protect my personal data and my personal safety.
    Kevin W.
  • I felt so violated that they [public search sites] had captured, publicly displayed and are now profiting from my personal identifying information without my knowledge and without my permission. I'm very happy with as they made me feel safer and less visible on the Internet.
    Sue R., New York
  • ...sophisticated enough to give me control over what to keep, what to suppress, what to remove [from online]. If I didn't have protecting me, I might as well have put my personal information in the newspaper.
    Kip Jaros, Ph.D., MBA, CEO of eHospitality Institute (Arkansas)
  • With the help of I'm not a sitting duck in terms of my personal information being stolen.

There are many types of insurance to protect us in the case of a loss due to fire, a car accident or a change in our health status. is privacy insurance.
    Betty D.
  • I'm a police officer and we invest hundreds of dollars on safety equipment, firearms, and tactical gear to protect our physical lives. But who protects our online privacy? is constantly policing the Information Superhighway and stops the flow of my personal identifying information to people search databases and data aggregators.
    Ralph B.
  • Working in the finance industry, I did witness firsthand the destruction created by identity theft. These perpetrators didn’t need to dumpster dive to get innocent people's information either; it was all available on the Internet... Removing yourself from these database files is extremely difficult and time consuming. takes the hassle out of dealing with these fears.
  • I couldn't possibly try to keep up with all the sites that scrape my personal information. MyPrivacy has been outstanding to remove my name, age and physical address from the Internet.
    Gina D.